The importance of being “pen”-sive

What I have neglected for the first half of my collegial hermitage, and just now come to terms with, is the fact that language skill is reflective of its frequency of employment. How well each individual may be talented in such noble enterprise is beyond mortal comprehension. What is important, rather, is its habituation that must accompany our other temporal activities.  
  Despicable as it is, the emergence of blog could potentially save a wilting fate of such sluggard as the author himself. The delight of having a permanent record of spontaneous inspiration is unexceptionable. One used to hold the pertinaciously orthodox view that anything technologically intensive must entail inconscienable abuse; quite to the contrary, a good measure of continence is in how well the soul-carrier wrestles with the incidental moral complex of a world teemed with luring traps and pitfalls. We do not live in the past, nor the future. Indeed the very conception of life is rickety and amenable to vissicitudinous contortion.
  In contrast, language appears to be more stable as medium of record than say the collective cognizance of an entire people. It also derives its seemingly intrinsic, pristine elegance from the sense of permanence and thickness of meaning, stratified by historical highlights. Every time a new pattern is imprinted in the author’s mind regarding the propriety of an individual word, he develops a subliminal fascination with the reproduction of such pattern. Through repeated, feckless experimentations, the initial reproductive urge fades, replaced by a spiritual unity with the author’s living drama.
   Curiously, every trade, no matter how specialized it is, seems to find an indispensible niche in society. Usually they are offstage or merely playing the role of invisible nuts and bolts in the grand clockwork of bureacratic functioning. But once every while they get spotlighted and rear their ugly head to discombobulate the simplicity of segregationism pervasive among the average players on the scene. A scribe is a quintessential paradigm in this respect. The art of prose does not seem so vital to me as perhaps the more conscientious duty of mathematical reasoning; yet to refrain the late Chinese geometer B. Q. Su, a sound mind for ratiocination is first tested through its consistent ease with self-expression. To achieve beyond introspective edification, one must absorb the external informatic continuum as though it is an extension of his own intuiting facility. A smooth interface can only be realized through solid understanding of linguistic phenomena.  

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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