The need of introspection

  I am not religious by any means, although you may argue I am superstitious. But sometimes it is beneficial to listen to sermons, since they contain secular elements that are universally interesting.
  Today I hearkened this pithy phrase from a televised Christian preacher: fuel crisis not only exists in the physical world, it also burgeons in each individual’s mental world. Translated into English, that simply means we each experience ineptitude of dealing with the vastly changing technological and cultural world around us. 
  The obvious way out is to resort to God.
  But Chinese sages offer a different approach that could be equally powerful. Examine at the end of each day whether one has fulfilled his duties during that day. More specifically three questions should be asked, of which I do not recall exactly. But basically they are about interaction with people. I need to add that there are much more that one could ask himself introspectively. It’s a matter of selection based on personal needs, since obviously one couldn’t go through a vociferous list every day.
  Finally a successful example in modern day is given quite literally by the late Prof. Chern Shiing-Shen of Berkeley math department. His Romanization-obliterated first name stands precisely for introspection. And he probably does so quite regularly, and ended up being one of the true maestros of the math community.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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