Memoir of Passion

   What a lurid and pointless film! is the general outcry of the atheistic my father and myself, at least subconsciously no matter how much I am trying to look like I concede with western culture. But at least one line struck me as original and inspiring.
   Towards the end Christ said: you should love the ones who love you, but also the ones who hate you. Yea everyone should be familiar with this paradoxical aphorism typical of Christian as well as any other respectable school of philosophy. But then a quick line slipped through: because what reward would you get if you only love the ones who love you? You may take it as a bland justification, but I take it quite seriously. Indeed by our animalistic nature, we are vindicative and born to get equal with others. The phrase "get equal with someone" implicitly assumes that the subject is the disadvantaged side, so can be replaced by "get better with someone", for lack of rhetorical elegance of course. But consider the consequence of loving your enemies. Now you are working against nature, or rather not letting nature make decisions for you. You in a sense patronize the whole drama of human affair, with its characteristic retribution and vengeance. More significantly you relinquish your right to play God, since you no longer seek to get equal with others by assuming the role of an impartial arbitrator.
   Now the curious question is, who is the bestower of such reward, and in what form is the reward given? Regardless of your religious affiliation and proclivity, such reward might simply be sociological in nature. Imagine the emotional impact you create on your enemy by requiting ill-treatment with good natured benediction, like Christ did towards the end of his temporal life. Even the most stony heart has a chance of being decalcified and invited to what Christ described as a philanthropic brotherhood in heaven. The dream of every mentally sound person consists at least in a small corner such utopian relationship, in which individual persons collaborate as if they are the cells of a single high-level organism. The source of such coelescing force is perhaps the most mysterious part of socially benign religions (as opposed to suicidal cult).

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