2.5th vice: intolerance

  This is a digression from the main stream of thought initiated five entries ago. But intolerance is something big enough to be broached today.
  My first experience with intolerance is with my grandma. I had little understanding of filial piety back then, besides an instinctual admiration and sympathesizing with my father. I probably transferred my anger with my mother to that with all overbearing female characters around me. But the most important reason is that I had little toleration of weakness, especially when coupled with a self-asserting righteousness. Something of a similar nature is incipient between me and my father, or perhaps earlier than I was aware of.
  The art of balance of kindness and its reciprocation is of foremost importance in society. Many misunderstanding and misguided violence result from the very cruel impulse to destroy the weak. The Japanese society was known to expel its elders by carrying them to the depth of mountains and feed them to wild beasts. Another vicious seed of idea that has unfortunately taken root in my ego is that weak environment poisons the mind. There is some truth in it, unfortunately, since people tend to emulate their surrounding and few are predisposed to motivate themselves consistently. A great saving grace, however, occurs to me that one can simply take the rigid external setting as a crucible given, just like one’s attractiveness is a given parameter a fortiori. There is no way, and no need in fact, to change them. After all, variety necessarily entails unfairness in life, which must be stomached to fully appreciate the true beauty of the epic of life. It is important to implant characteristic strengths, mentally or otherwise, as firmly within as the strengths themselves.

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