Batch work vs. spread out schedule

  Hi there. It is being a while since I had this idea that if all classes could happen in one day –which isn’t asking for too much, since 15 hours is usually the average amount for undergrads — then life will take on a new spin. That’s precisely the motivation behind money-hungry workaholism. But for academicians like me, such attitude is dangerous. The brain can only absorb so much information in a given day. It becomes very quickly accustomed to long interval of leisure and only will ask for more. A true surviver in the universe should strike an elegant balance between the external pressure and internal wilfullness. By this I mean that a modern man is basically sandwiched between a lot of opposing forces. He is helpless in front of these invisible walls, but at his disposal is a button, called free-will for the time being, for lack of a better atheistic name. He not only has to press this button at critical points of his life, but will need to develop some sort of intuition that takes care of its administration ad libido, much as breathing. To complicate the matter, often he has to forfeit his right to free will, which not necessarily entails loss of control. Religious people often do that, but so are the secular groups. An unoriginal, stagnant fellow like myself sometimes get too absorbed in sobriety to realize that loosening it up can prelude better work when it is time to tighten it again. Thus, don’t plan life to be perfectly ideal as most people do. Instead be mentally ready for any sort of pain or discomfiture that might ensue. It is best to be pessimistic when situations are favorable, and later lighten up than the other way around.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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