Being busy vs. being smart

I remember being told once that smart people also happen to be the busy ones. I probably didn’t give a damn at the time. After all being busy doesn’t sound very cool at all. Too many people look like they are busy in today’s world. And I am the kind of person who despises majority– which might be the result of my hubris cultivated since age immemorial. But lately I have experienced the euphoria of being busy. It happens whenever I am moving from place A to place B. As we all know, when we exit a geographic area, we have to clean up after ourselves. So for a week or two we perform the same function as a janitor does everyday. But this time of course, I had my Dad to offer a helping hand in the dirty job. The challenge can only be greater when we settle down in a foreign land. There are first of all the stark faces you can to mollify in order for them to turn into your friends. This is how you started to get busy: repeating the same conversation with everyone until you are dead bored. But it is precisely this repetition skill that happens to be most useful in any situation. Recall how much we had to practice our arithmetic skill in order to do fancy things like algebraic manipulation,  calculus etc. And even under the guise of such lofty businesses, our minds (with the exception of a few historical anomalies) are probably still working at the pedestal level. So unless you are Von Neumann, be prepared to lead a hectic life in order to merely keep up with the pace around you.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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