Daily summary

  For sake of completeness, I record what I have accomplished today. It is not to be carried out regularly:
1. found a sample latex file that sets up the right template for AMS journal articles, and teaches you how to label theorems etc for easy in-line reference
2. Obtained a Solaris account in Wiskundegebrouw (math building)
3. Cooked two meals, didn’t taste very well
4. Submitted paperwork for residence permit
5. Understood completely the proof of proposition 1.5 in the msrdigraph paper
6. Registered for GRE subject test
7. Went to the General Relativity course for two hours
8. Went to the library but did not succeed in connecting with my laptop and using its CD-R
Let’s leave it at the auspicious number 8

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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