My way vs. the popular way

  Sometimes I get this blind impression that my ways are not socially acceptable. Maybe I was intimidated at an early stage by people around me who tried to be cool. Or simply that I have too much imagination. But why should one ever care what others think about you? I think it is quite necessary and perhaps a bit too late for me to address this question. Often times I behave quite unnaturally because I am overly conscious about how other people feel about me. Maybe I was not cautious in certain etiquette, but it was only because I didn’t know the rule or I wasn’t thinking about how my actions could potentially offend others. But men are not born to be faded into shadows. They have the right to be aggressive in many things, of course within the socially acceptable realm. What is it to be an average person in this world of more than 6 billion? It is not only poorly defined, but a despicable concept.
  To be continued..

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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2 Responses to My way vs. the popular way

  1. 燕燕 says:

    Everyone has his own way to live in this world.If you can benefit from your way,why should change it just to cater for others’.In anyway ,i will side with you.

  2. AquazorCarson says:

    You are absolutely right and I wish I had the impetus to continue and finish what I wanted to say. Basically along the same line as your comment. And thanks for the reassurance.

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