I swear by the Dutch God.. (institutional inefficiency phase II)

  I swear by the Dutch God, that from now on, I will only trust humans.
  No machines, however anthropomorphic, shall be tolerated in the domain of capital exchange.
  And the little Dutch man, from whom I used to find console, 
  Could suddenly turn into the most beastly of all devils, and most devilish of all beasts.
  By Goly, the foregone shall be gone, no return, nor remorse,
  What’s important lies in the fixation of principles, once apoclyptically pronounced,
  But fell so deaf upon my mortal ears, attritioned through ages.
  My sinful umbrage has charged for the cost of slothful recumberance,
  It may never be reimbursed, for the sake of an eternal moralizing scar.
  And I do find value in such injustice, after all how could I place so much trust on things so foreign
  And never regret for one minute’s afterthought, while bemused in the pleasure of isolation
  Under the empyreal vigilance of the most austere holy suit.
  Damned shall be he who takes no heed of such paltry matters, until
  The blinding daylight turns his soul into an outstanding eucalyptus.
   -Random Poetry by John Jack Carson

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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