Galois Correspondence between Mathematics and Martial Art

Analysis – 阳性内力 (Positive Internal Energy)
Algebra –  阴性内力 (Negative Internal Energy)
Geometry – 剑术 (Swordmanship)
     Differential Geometry – 六脉神剑 (six finger laser pointer)
           Riemannian Geometry – Right hand thumb
           Symplectic Geometry – Right hand index finger
           Complex Geometry – Right hand middle finger
           Hyperbolic Geometry – Right hand ring finger
           Noncommutative Geometry – Right hand pinky
           Projective Geometry – Left hand thumb
     Algebraic Geometry – 辟邪剑法 (evil-overcoming sword style) No offense to algebraic geometers, I am only emphasizing the power of this sword style, not the fact that practictioners must be neuters
     Arithmetic Geometry –  落英神剑掌 (deflowering sword-like boxing style)
Topology – 独孤九剑 (The nine sword principles of Sir Dugu)
Number Theory – 拳掌 (Boxing style)
     Algebraic Number Theory – 玄冥神掌 (dark energy boxing style with poisoning effect)
     Analytic Number Theory – 降龙十八掌 (the eighteen dragon-slaughtering clout)
Mathematical Physics – 刀法 (Sabre moves)
Logic – 阴阳兼修型内功, 或曰走火入魔型 (Ambivalent Internal Energy, aka suicidal IE)
     Theory of Computation – 太极拳 (Tai Ji, everyone should know this)
Combinatorics – 轻功 (levitation)
Applied Mathematics – 暗器 (darts) Precursor of modern firearms, such as laser gun, intercontinental missiles, as well as good ol’ rifle and pistol
-You can see I am really bored at the moment. But please do not disclose this intelligence to others, especially those who work in the same field with me.

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