cultural fireside chat 1

So a striking difference between chinese symbols and western symbols is that chinese symbols are all of the same size, in particular height, whereas the western symbols, aka alphabets, grow ostensibly different from each other, to make typesetting perhaps a nightmare in the early stages of machinized printing. But so what? Well I infer that similar characteristics could be drawn between the Chinamen and the western men; or as I would like to call it, the traditionally minded and the modernized homo sapiens. Whereas the notion of equality is not well propagated in ancient China, it did get aggrandised in the recent centuries due to influx of western ideologies. But equality is sometimes a symbol for weakness of minds. After we know it’s impossible to keep our status of superiority forever as a result of mutual agreement, so we seek something more reasonable, namely the status of equality among the fellows. What one often does not realize, however, is that even the settlement based on equality is sometimes shaky and fallible upon the slightest upheaval of individual ambition. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that the western scheme of variety in place of equality has turned out to be evolutionarily more advantageous than otherwise.

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