Need to be more diligent

"Too lazy~~~" a tall Dutch math student spoke to me thus about himself after some lengthy cultural discussion right after class. "Well, I guess we all are". But what’s the cure? Let’s face it. We don’t want to be lazy. But somehow society is not giving enough pressure for us not to be so. It’s funny how in times of political crisis or sheer degenerate living conditions, people tend to be more dilligent and yet lack the resource to output quality work. But when things get better, they slumber back into lazy bums who know nothing but how to count the days of pleasure seeking off.
  I am so fed up with that (to quote John Kerry’s recent unremarkable speech). We should conjure up a fake society in which people are treated with unusual cruelty, be it physical or psychological (preferably the former to avoid real consequences). Then they know how to behave themselves well and move their asses to some serious jobs. Sometimes being too philosophical or contemplative, if you will, can be detrimental to mental health. That’s part of the danger of being a mathematician or related professionals. You constantly have to control your urge of falling back to a state of euphoria, or drowsy under the pretense of deep concentration. It is also a common symptom among seasoned bloggers who indulge themselves in cryptic writings in the hope of finding some ethereal sympathizers who will bring them to fame (or other glorious ends). I have been unwittingly following a similar footpath and now it’s the time to pronounce the death of such corrosive attitude.
   Talking to great friends, even briefly, can straighten one’s moral integrity. And building up confidence is a must in the eternal journey of truth-seeking. That is to say, one must never relapse into pride of weakness at any stage whatsoever of his life. By observing the weak ones, we can learn one thing, if any, which is that even the weak ones are struggling constantly to regain their faith. And the faith that they eventually will not only fuels their own ambition, but also inspires others’.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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