What is to be sought

Topoi? Etendu? French words always ring religious mysticism. After all the French king Clovis traded with God. But the goal of pursuit usually is not about the ends. I would like to reevaluate my interest in mathematics. Having had no respect for the gibberish Grothendieck did with his topoi theory or even just schemes. I must admit that my childhood fancy is coming to an end soon, since one realize the true glory of 19th century mathematics can no longer be recreated in the thickness of modern research network. But what we can learn from the ancient greeks and egyptians is that certain preternatural elements associated with the category largely known as math pertain to political power and might be exploited with more ease than say solving a long standing problem. Yet academia refuses pseudo-science, and even worse, mixed with pseudo-religion. So one has to be reasonably imaginative. This is the provenance of many modern approaches to mathematics. One looks at the collection of all things that fit a certain criterion, a somewhat pedagogical yet fruitful perspective. The by-product is of course the emergence of spawning new fields and problems, some of which couldn’t even be phrased properly before. Thus it is interesting to note the importance of languages. What we are seeing these days in the frontier of logic and category theory amounts in a loose sense to this revitalization of mathematical linguistics. It’s parallel to the development of a civilization, and even more so, because the language is meant to be universal. Or is it? It must be devastating for a culture to realize that its ordinary means of communication does not keep up with the progress in the glamorization of mathematical languages, hence that it will never produce people with great enough comprehensive capacity to appreciate many of the intricated phrased problems and solutions in new territories of mathematics. Although this might sound sci-fi-ish, we could forsee one day in the near future when people are either trained or genetically modified to appreciate mathematics much as they do with food and wine, (or as Hawking put it, sex), thus the whole industry really reflects the need of constantly inventing new terminologies and tricks to satisfy the ever-growing appetite of men. Then maybe math will not be properly called math, but rather something along with the entertainment community, whose very existence is to amuse men. When that day comes, mathematics will be called math culture proper, and science will truly be industrialized.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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