The ideal world one should wish him- or herself lives in

Notice that I am not asking for a description of THE ideal world, but rather how it looks like from the perspective of each individual. For instance one might wish everyone around him to be exactly like him, in terms of mode of thinking, style of living, work ethics, tolerance, etc. That certainly is a positive attitude. But often someone gives in to more misanthropic notions, and wishes himself to be kept aloof from the crowd, and be distinguished for some unique characteristics that he views as an edge against a highly competitive world. But remember, folks, the world today is characterized by its intensive network of information and communication. If we compare the presidential debate from the Kennedy era with the one between Bush and Kerry, we clearly see that the current candidates are much more crafted in speech-making and polished in answering tough questions than those from only a few decades ago. People are moving up the ladder constantly, and it is unrealistic to believe in a permanent monopoly over any skill set or character that makes one superior to others. Instead a positive attitude should consist of a heart-felt desire to bring others up to your own standard, which ultimate would facilitate conversation between you and your peers and promote mutual understanding. A relationship or partnership based on mutual respect and understanding is not only conducive to good work or personal project at hand, but also felicitous to the quintessence of life. Many of us yearn for a community where people embrace the same ideology as we do, but lesser components of life can also be cherished together and make a difference in a world fraught with conflicting themes.


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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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