things to be improved in USA season I episode 1

The subject of today is bicycles. As we all know, China is one of the biggest consumers of bikes in the world today. America on the other hand has never been enthusiastic about biking as a national pastime. Nonetheless in certain overpopulated, environmentally friendly areas such as college campuses, people do find biking an attractive alternative to driving. While they sell millions of bikes in stores like Walmart and Target, most of those are so-called mountain bikes, that are intended to serve an exclusively sporting purpose. Also there is the unofficial size cap of 26 inch, for a nation known for the size of its people. Even in the bay area, which has probably the best landscape for biking (other than Kansas), my Dad and I went shopping in large grocery stores and could not be more disappointed by the lack of practical varieties in its bike selections.One thing I find disturbing is the fact that bikers seem to create a notion of biking style, much as swimmers do. And that invented notion fueled the perpetuation of certain bike models such as those with handcuff shaped handles, perched at a lower height than the saddle, to force the rider to lean forward under the presumption of reducing air friction. What the manufacturers do not understand is that there is a potentially huge group of consumers not least bit interested in biking as a professional sports, but would rather use it for commuting purpose only. The top concerns among those folks are going to be safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. These three components seem completely missing in a typical American bike. In addition the handle design in an American bike could also lead to bad posture, which might affect long term physical health, including the development of hunchback and a decrease in height, which might explain the recent data in comparison with European nations.
  So my suggestion to the American bike companies is to start looking elsewhere in the world (espeicially China) and be willing to take the initiative to change the current market equilibrium.

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One Response to things to be improved in USA season I episode 1

  1. arena says:

     Well, bicycles are everywhere in Amsterdam, as I remembered, which is quite a big difference with Great Britain. 

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