Yesterday I saw a nak’t soul in the darkness,
‘Twas too sudden I hadn’t time to cover my face.
In the end I dug through my dreamy consciousness,
And saw nakedness all over the gory place.
What in the world shall I do now, I ask myself,
Undress or stay cool, only time can fortell.
I know I love to cruise but I must decide soon,
Who is to blame like me a miserable fool?
Only pain can restore my still imagination,
Only truth can pain me through the destination.
The ripening season smells bloody cold yonder,
A spirit heaven made never wets its feather.
Sometimes even the sun shies away from the sky,
But I don’t want to outgrow my childhood desire.
To expose my heart I must work the heartbeat up,
To express love all I have is my broken heart.
-John Carson in retrospect of a conversation

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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2 Responses to nakedness

  1. yimiao says:

    你瞎掰阿??我只是路过而已……. 呵呵,真的只是路过………..真的真的只是路过哦…………..

  2. arena says:

    xixi ~~~

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