The importance of confidence

A dude in the Netherlands once remarked that the trick of being so popular among his women folks was through his outrageous display of sexual confidence. That certainly sounds like a good reason to gain some confidence. But as one might guess, blind confidence only kills the strength of subsequent words and actions. A healthy level of confidence is built upon a good conscience; internal justification precedes outward enthusiasm, as my friend in finance has demonstrated to me through his beautiful "lying" skill, by which I mean highly manipulative disposition. Despite its apparent foxiness, the skill helps him sail through many difficult situations in which the irrational nature of other human beings interferes with their cooperation with him. Thus through the proper lubrication of justified opacity in personality, he accomplishes things others appreciate afterwards. I was frankly pretty appalled by such devious idea at first, more specifically before I talked with Bryan. But that fateful night of conversation with Bryan totally changed my static view. Through his great versatility in social as well as scientific domains, Bryan demonstrated to me what attributes a modern day Renaissance man must be equipped of. Many things were pretty much scientific documented to this day, including nonverbal messages and how to detect lies etc. But I would only have to supplement his extremely rich recipe of personal improvement with confidence. It might be somewhat exaggerating, but confidence is what keeps an intellectual alive. And indeed, in the world of physical strength and manual labor, it might be of secondary status. In fact people of more traditional trades tend to value modesty more simply because it is rather easy, due to the nature of their job, to get in a fit of megalomania. But as I iterated above already, confidence builds upon a clear conscience, which I through slight abuse of the English language would call confidance. The exact meaning of that word is not important to us, what’s important is my assertion that to talk to someone with confidence, you must be able to confide to him all the spontaneous feelings and imagination you conceive at that particular moment. Step outside oneself, and look at self as a separate individual whose only distinguished role is to supply you with a well of imagination from which you can draw. Then one uplifts hiimself from the position of a machine to that of a trader.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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3 Responses to The importance of confidence

  1. arena says:

    ‘confidence’ and deceiving is two different concepts; tell them from each other is rather important
    but one shall not be appalld by the fact of the world while he does not need to accept and understand all the world shows us. keep the self understanding and the inner principle is a good way especially when others hold the very different view of it. Like Vincent, a great artist, holds his own value of arts and gain the unparalleled succuess. one is very easy to succeed if he is willing to wait and hold on in the darkness. or the darkness is not so terrible when two different behaviours can come out of the same inner source.                –love Arena

  2. AquazorCarson says:

    That’s so very deep I am not sure I can fully grasp that.

  3. arena says:

    don’t worry about that
    i cannot grasp that either

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