Violence and sex in movies and why they are so indispensible

   Whenever I see a bed scene in an otherwise perfectly orthodox movie I cannot help think whether my own morality is somehow screwed up. But it does require a bit of self-discipline to refrain from obviously "interested" apperance. For example, I tend to get stiffened in my limb movement and sometimes suffer from irrepressible smiles, much like when I see delectable food. I guess I could not contain any pleasurable experience. It used to be more awkward in the presence of girls, but sometimes I feel it might be a good way to show off your manliness, by feigning strong biological reaction from such visual stimuli. I guess that sexuality in entertainment has essentially developed into a hallucinogenic culture, much as alcohol or marijuana did in the past and present. People behave differently under its influence and that’s all it matters. Violence does less trauma on my personal drama; it barely influences my thinking for example. I even enjoy thrillers myself, not just for the thrill, but for the after effect of taming my inner recalcitrance. So a combo of violence and sex surely neutralizes, but somehow I believe every movie is a little damn human conditioner. It channels your personal philosophy, your (at least) short-term social pursuit, and worst of all, depletes you of social iniatives, crucially needed in the people market.
   Except maybe the preaching of sexual universality. Besides demystifying the glorious subject for the innate among us, the episodic nature of these lustful display tends to convey the message that people shouldn’t be obsessed with any pleasure or pleasurable thinking in general, just like an artist shouldn’t indulge himself in the application of a single favorite color on the canvas. The human canvas is a fragile membrance that’s constantly under the tining pressure of a static pentip. And it is our job to swiftly move it around, thereby avoiding painful and futile piercing. Serious movie makers these days know for sure how to draw the fine lines between porn and art, and they might think they are cheating the market at the expense of demoralizing the society. Quite the contrary, the society needs such steroidal reminder of the boundary within which it thrives. One might be able to shut himself up in a completely ascetic room, but the moment he steps outside, just like the autistic from the Cube I, he has to face exciting challenges that defy evasive attitude. Whatever is worthy of evasion should be taken cautiously, and if you want to lead a sustainable humane life, the best way out is to face it with all your dirty desire and clear the bottom line of your morality. It’s like preparing for deep water diving, for which no alternative can be taken other than holding your breath as long as you can to test its potential. Despite the painful realization of how ignoble one might have been born to be, it is so much better than the constant tickling of a psychological blackbox.
 – in review of City of Gods, a good movie

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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