Getting recruited for real world challenges

  Today I kinda made a decisive move. Going to the student information session for summer internships at banks etc. The ones I went to were from JP Morgan and Credit Suisse. Here is how they went: the JP Morgan session consisted of former interns talking about their experience. The host of the whole program was a tall anglo-saxonic lady in her mid 30s who used to be a sales and trading analyst intern back in 1997. She basically decided who among the five recent interns to answer questions about different aspects of the firm. It was great food they provided us in the end, and psychologically speaking that was the most important part of it since it really conveyed to me how user-friendly the company is trying to impress the potential applicants. In contrast, Credit suisse held much of an elitist attitude by claiming that only 25 stanford students were accepted into their business over the past five years! One of the guy speakers was quite a hippy, shall we say, and his jocular attitude towards his job certainly helped boosting the moral, but also conveyed a sense of helplessness and lack of ambition. The one nice about Credit Suisse is that they actually have New York based branches that specialize in stock trading, and for which I even got a contact number from one of the lady representatives.
  I also met a great EE major from national university of Singapore, who originally went from Xi’an China, and he seems to be considering a transition in his career also. What’s nice about this average looking Joe is that he follows the hot technological advances quite closely, and introduced me to the tremendous tool of google reader, which I would pass on to all of you, my friends.
   In general I found the experience a great substitute for aimless online surfing at home after 6 in the evening. Plus there was free food, always enough motivation for me to break my coy personal stereotype and actually meet new people. The formality of a good portion of the audience attending the first meeting of JP Morgan intimidated me to some extent, but I soon got over it and realized that good costume does not cover up their humanity inside. After all it is somewhat understood these days that formality is a requirement, not a luxury. I also unconfused myself today about the difference between a quant and an analyst, something I ought to have known before. It seems desirable at this stage to embark on a dual career, where I try an analyst position this summer and hold on until next summer for a quant experience, since the legendary F622 (not an airplane, but a business school course) will not be offered until next fall, due to the annoying sabbatical vacation of the professor in monopoly of the material. Bye!

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4 Responses to Getting recruited for real world challenges

  1. arena says:

    wow! JP Morgan!
    wow! stock trading in New York!

  2. AquazorCarson says:

    Short term dreams only. They really want people with strong economics and finance background. I am not there yet. Maybe if some quant company is willing to train me, with the promise of returning to them upon graduation,  I will have a better chance.

  3. arena says:

    and what’s a quant company?

  4. AquazorCarson says:

    quantitative financial modeling. I guess there isn’t really something called quant company.

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