a list of things I did today – don’t read it since it’s gonna be embarrassingly shallow

  The first thing that comes to mind now is the fortune cookie note I got from the restaurant, which roughly says this: when a woman tries to break even with man, she is lacking ambition. Therefore don’t touch her (in bed). The part in the parantheses was of course added by me. So I wondered how that applied to me. And of course it has to somehow.
  So the reason I went to that restaurant was simple, I took a walk with my dad who drove over. We had a bit trouble finding our way, especially coming back since there weren’t any stars in the sky. But the real reason is I simply stop paying attention to directions when there is someone next to me, even when remotely helpful.
  I noticed a significant change of my attitudes towards issues relating to rhetoric, personal vendetta, and marriage. I understand how disjoint these topics might sound, but a conversation with someone like my dad is bound to go in all directions.
   It was a late decision for me to ask him to come over, mainly because I missed a morning call, when I was prodding through some homework due in two days. It was quite inefficient process, because I tend not to remember formulas and had to derive everything from scratch. So there I definitely learned a lesson. The lunch was spent in Lag dining hall and it wasn’t shabby. I had the fortune to join a recent acquaintance, Shen, known from Yonah’s meeting. He went to China for a month in the summer and the most remarkable thing he told me, as far as I remember now, is that "(quote) girls are all over you in China". I instantly rejected, basing of course on my personal experience. Not only were girls not all over me, they were kinda scared of me. But then he backed off saying maybe people in Shanghai were largely successful and weren’t that deparate for their financial prospect, unlike where he came from, namely Su zhou. Later I elaborated on his idea further: maybe I was mainly surrounded by academic people who are somewhat less baffled by their lack of social mobility.
   Shen told me he ate pizza at a free place on campus almost everyday once and got kicked out. But then friendly he suggested that I could get some of his 60 remaining food coupons. I should have expressed more gratitude at that point, but I missed it as a friendly gesture. Nothing really happened during the afternoon except talking to my ex. She seems to be doing reasonably well these days both psychologically and otherwise. I was more worried about the vacuum period right after our separation. It turns out she has been used to it long ago, at least physically.

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