I’ve noticed the trend

  Whenever my mother tries to convince me to acquire some industrial experience, I seem always very resentful despite deep inside I am actually quite acknowledging her point. It’s just the person who dictates over my will now is precisely one who tells me to do this or do that without any form of bait or coaxing back when I was little. I tend to fall for coaxing very easily and that’s why my dad has always had a significant impact on my career. My mother on the other hand is too pedagogical and ruthless that I sometimes would rather sacrifice my freedom for the opportunity to disobey her. It’s sad but the best way for me to not hang myself is to avoid talking to her about myself, since that inevitably brings her strident voice back to my memory and puts me in a vindicative mood.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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2 Responses to I’ve noticed the trend

  1. clare says:

    you know what you like. and still have your dream. so you’re lucky 🙂

  2. AquazorCarson says:

    If one stops dreaming, doesn’t that mean he stops living? Sounds like a Michael Jackson line.

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