A good rose must find the right soil

    Two things may never be balanced,
   If true love is but a shady transaction.
   I feel the pain of separating from your soil,
   But what it deprives me is untold.
   ‘Twas only the beginning of a dream,
   One that could help ease my limp soul.
   Then the wind might simply blow it away,
   Leave me nothing but your fresh petal.
   How I became possessed of you I don’t know,
   I know you smelled wonderfully shy.
   Coolly you reject my tender picking,
   I had to cover my face to stop talking.
   You left me thinking on my own show,
   I found it hard to live without you.
   Maybe it’s time to blame almighty heaven,
   For creating problems I must resolve.
   -John Carson in the middle of cogitation

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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