Daily show with Hilary

  Watching Hilary Clinton appearing on the daily show was at first frightening, as Jon stuart said, mostly because she looked so nervous, bobbing her giant head all the time. But for some magical reason, the second time I watch those two videos I somehow got caught up with her style, and thought that she didn’t look like she was feigning good mood any more. Something in my psychological working must be dictating that I get used to a person who appears in front of my eyes multiple times, but certainly there were things I completely missed out on what she said the first round which supposedly helps me like her better. There was a brief moment in the second part of the televised interview that displayed Hilary with her natural smile. What a charming lady I must say, despite at her advanced age. It was right when she was about to touch her earphone (at first I thought it was earring) that she bestowed her best smile in front of the camera, and for once throughout the campaign you feel that she is actually a woman. What an amazing shift of viewpoint! There was some truth in the Saturdaynightlive’s depiction of her as a witch dressed in bride suit, and yet it is highly unfair to women who emulate their fellow man-heros by temporarily relinquishing their God-given feminine appeal, which most likely evokes antipathy among observers because of incongruency with their usual perception on gender roles. On this note, Barrack Obama is having an easy time with social expectation.

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