Better computer skill

  Sometimes I do wish I have better skill at implementing real things, rather than just fooling around with philosophical matters. Like today, an idea which is not new sprang to me that if a website could specialize in finding the lowest airfare from A to B within a certain range of departure and return dates (more flexible than the ones on the current airfare search engine), then millions of hours could be saved in search for inexpensive tickets. This could come handy especially for students during summer or other vacations. Obviously they don’t care so much about the actual dates, what’s more important is that a good price makes a psychological upstart for their trips. Of course one needs to take into account the tremendous amount of database usage time, but I am sure people wouldn’t mind waiting a few minutes if they could get an exhaustive list of viable options, and then weigh them by cost and effectiveness individually once and for all.
  Similar ideas well up from time to time, but what’s lacking is my inability to communicate with IT workers even at a basic level of initial planning. But following standard curriculum in school seems to also take up an enormous amount of time, just in order to survive their tough examination procedure, which is not so practical if one is to forget 70% of the material after the intensive review period is over. So maybe I am unwittingly anti-academic at this point because of my numerous personal frustration with the system, it nevertheless seems to echo well with many other industrial leaders, such as Bill Gates, to name the most obvious one.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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