Finally got the new version of Mathematica

   But big excitement is always followed by big disappointment. The software is not so suitably designed for probabilistic computation, which I need it the most for currently. When I tried to evaluate some low-tech joint Gaussian expectation, it complained about convergence issues that completely defy reason. A simple double integral appears so difficult in front of this world class computational software. Alas, hopefully after I finish reading the numerical analysis book in one day tomorrow, I will have a better sense of what’s gone wrong with the shitty software. But overall I felt I have achieved something concrete today. Computation is indeed exciting, especially when you know waiting for results isn’t just killing time, even if you were actually just staring into empty space to rest your brain.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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2 Responses to Finally got the new version of Mathematica

  1. 羽佳 says:

    You’d better take a good rest.
    Mathematic is always being so difficulty to me.

  2. AquazorCarson says:

    I am indeed taking a good rest next quarter. Courseload is supposed to be minimized. But in order to be abreast with current research, I will have to sit in a bunch of additional courses.

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