I love me some creative ideas

  Stanford news says some health experts advocate electronic remainder for exercise and eating healthy in order to boost public health.
  As for food, I think there is one thing "they" could do to suit my "taste", which is a rotation cuisine system designed to diversify diet. Here is how it’s supposed to work: a whole community (or a substantial portion of it) agrees to purchase monthly plan to join the so called healthy meal club. One could then hire some special chef who is capable of maneuver humongous frying pans or boiling pot that cooks single dishes for a hungry crowd of say 500, much like the legendary Jesus. But the catch is he must cook different meal every day, certain within any 5 consecutive days. Each person will then be served 4 dishes and one soup, plus a staple of his or her choice. While the staple could be chosen on the spot, the cost being negligible as is customary in many restaurants, the dishes are fixed by the chef, though he doesn’t necessarily disclose their content ahead of time, to generate dietary anxiety, relieved through "pleasant surprises", a healthy catharsis experience.
   Random Proposal 2: so imagine you were in a library working on some project and a friend of you who haven’t seen you for a while just showed up and wanted to strike up a conversation. So you generously put down the work at hand and engage. But surely, it’s hard to know how to make an end to a socially irrefutable conversation. While your mind could be wondering, and things could start to get incoherent, the counterparty might be insensitive enough to think that you are just being funny, or that you are not that verbally efficient and that’s simply the way you are. So it seems that in order to get out of the scenario, one would require some brutality in the interceding. Another common situation is if you are shopping in some store in China and a really eloquent saleswoman approaches with the ferocity of power glue. She won’t let you go, to put it simply, if you don’t scream "let me go, you ho" in front of her face. But ouch, who in their right civilized mind would utter such meaningless utterance?
  So we present latest technology, fashionably named strangercall trademark. The idea is simple, you install on you a bp-like machine and by pressing a button unobservably, your cellphone rings and some sort of emergency call signaling is initiated. Of course current cellphones are not generally equipped with such emergency feature. But they will in a few years when the managing of cellphone buddies require some preliminary classification scheme. So once you pick up the phone, it had to pretend like someone is really talking to you. So a premeditated list of dialogues are stored in strangercall, rehearsed in advanced so that the flow is seamless. Such gadget could save you exaggeratingly speaking hours of strategic retreat from a meaningless conversation. Best of all, you could save all your creative power and put it to better use, like saving the world from a comet attack.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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