an elaboration on the Prof’s idea

Recall two entries ago I mentioned that stanford prof who came up with the scheme of cellphone reminding people when to eat healthy and when to exercise. I suggest a complete expansion of that idea to include remainder of when to do what. For example, I spend 1/3 of my time on a undisciplined day on the internet. Well, sometimes it just takes some external force to snap me out of the deadlock. I mean wouldn’t that save a whole bunch of time, in addition to saving eyesight? ( I have been consuming outrageous amount of carrot just to sustain my need for vitamin A). Good.
   Now it’s my brand new second idea: a book moisturizer. to those of us who have easily dried up finger skin, we are especially loath to reading books with unpolished paper quality. Often they are older books. So the obvious solution is to invent a water sprayer that gives a light touch of H2O to each page of a new book. Of course it has to be made so delicate that the book retains its freshness, and not wrinkle up afterwards.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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