How to jog in cold weather

  Some of us have had the resolution to keep a jogging schedule year round. The only caveat is that when the frosty winter season kicks in, our body naturally cringes and all ambitions are frozen until the next spring. But here is a good piece of news, coming right out of your Mr. Doctor (or Dr. Mister either way)’s wetware: Simply design a backpack, with minimum weight, string strapped to your shoulders much like a fashionable woman’s cute little food pocket. There is only one purpose: to store clothings or even truncated pant parts. So as you start off your day in a cold morning, with the sun barely rising, you could be fully armed with long sleaves, sweaters, or even fur coat, and as you plod on a perspire for a while, you could gradually take them off and put them in your pack pocket. Now the pocket has to be made so that it causes minimum rattling so you won’t feel any unnatural discomfiture. When nothing avails, a book bag would suffice also. Idea registered with International Patent office.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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