Cooking while riding a bus? Surely you are joking Mr. Carson

  No I am not. Think about my two hours of lingering brain activity each school attending day on the VTA bus no. 522, better known as rapid transit. It’s one thing that I can meet tons of people of various background, another that I found the best way to utilize the hour being reading Wall SJ. But an even better idea would be to hire some robot at my kitchen to prepare dinner for me (so still got the morning hour for WSJ). It’s not that reading WSJ is somehow inferior to cooking, but the immediate gratification from a self-prepared meal makes the hour so much more productive and looked-forward-to. Now one might argue that if robots can follow cooking instructions, they might as well terminate human race. But I am speaking of real-time action initiated imitation. Imagine a bus with cubicles accommodating virtual kitchen setup, an exact copy of your own. One could then embed some touch-space (as opposed to touch screen) sensors, that transmit the choreography instantly to an actual brainless robot in your kitchen, ready to carry out each step of your gracefulness. Such would have the added advantage of accident prevention, as there shall be instant feedback as to whether an action is appropriate, and no need for image recognition, as in distinguishing between an orange and a tomato, shall be exigent.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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