A lazy friday Afternoon

   No it’s not a parody to the impressionist painting. I am simply going to recall what happened a couple of hours ago. It was on the bus to Santa Clara University with the shady plan of stealing into their piano room, that I came up with another wonderful plan on how to educate our children. Target audience 9-12 graders and topic shall be probability theory. I had some unique experience solving regular problems posed by baidu groupies, and one in particular about some sort of expected upgrading payoff of an rpg game character, with prescribed rules of how likely each prop is going to help him gain experience points. I thought that somehow this will be a luring subject for kids. So it will naturally lead into Brownian motion, Black Scholes formula, diffusion processes, and the like, thanks to my determination not to engage in intensive textbook reading on the bus, right after a buffet meal, but only letting the mind drift.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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