Ideas on how to keep warm

  My room has a cascade of sliding windows, through which the sun never peeks in. Well that might seem ideal in a torrid place like LA, but Northern California is reputed for its frigidity. Every morning I wake up with a cold face, and the rest of my body covered up in an icy blanket cave. They say the head emanates 80% of body heat and I have no question about that. On the other hand I am not exactly a hat person, nor hood, feeling somewhat dwarfed by the hat rim maybe, although there are more serious reasons like disheveling my hair during the day. It thus seems cogent to open the window that’s further from where the bed is located. But this brings us to tonight’s word: warm clothings. (to echo Colbert)
  So far I have one great black jacket that keeps me safe for the most part of winter. That’s not to say I can wear it and be fearless for an all-nighter. Indeed the Cali weather can be so arcane that with the calendar barely reaching the last quarter, one has to metamorph himself into a polar bear style. So back in Georgia I had a roommate who bought a power blanket on ebay, which was around 100 bucks and thin like a leaf, but kept him God-forbiddenly warm through the winter there, to the extent he was crying for entropy freedom (though not word by word). And not to mislead you, power blanket requires no electric power. It’s simply made of highly insulating material perhaps inspired by space suit. Similar design could have abounded in the market, though I am not seeing people wearing such goodies on the street. Maybe a display of bodily heat retention is truly Darwinistic, hence sexy?
  Another gadget I have been thinking is a terminal limbs warmer, or in more colloquial terms, feet/hands warmer. Another friend of mine, Chris, has imparted me the reasons behiind cold feet and cold hands in youths like ourselves. Underdeveloped terminal circulatory system was to take the blame. Though he pointed out heroic ways of fixing, namely though protein ingestion and systematic weight lifting, I had the alternative theory of conservation of blood, unfounded on any existing evidence, but nonetheless led to the conclusion that frequent muscle building could lead to brain atrophy (at least symptomatically in short term). So I have always felt thrilled by the idea of an external heat source like the warming device aforementioned, though the lack of advertisement has made me question its effectiveness.

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