psychology note – reward feedback system gone amuck

  People not only require stimulus to work hard, they beg for reward after hard work. That is the case with my slothful soul. I don’t know how some people manage to move along without serious exploitation of their resource. Perhaps they postpone the reward post mortem, and that is the beauty of a religion that preaches after life. But one needs to subject himself to highly abstract and nonintuitive mechanism in order to fall for it. I personally follow the capitalistic mechanism of conditioned response, including post conditioning. Newton’s first law also makes sense on me. With the momentum built up doing something that requires little change of direction, I continue to do so until some external monster calls time out. The truly daoist man knows how to roll out a centripetal motion, modeled after the most stable and compact laws of nature, yet the strength of the center is key to its perpetuation. It reminds me of John Donne’s Valediction, forbidden mourning, which concerns with sentimental survival, much more complicated than physical survival.
    Similarly in cheating the psyche, we need to be circumlocutive and centrally strong. The mind must be set at a consistent purpose and the timing of candy breaks must be optimally precise to balance the objectives of maximal efficiency and minimum distraction. There is a need for constant updating of the "balance sheet", except for the main purpose, for which a constant offsetting operation is to be performed in case of deviation. In general, we prefer the perspective of constant motion, rather than constipation.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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