Why it’s hard to keep good terms with roommates

  I have switched several roommates in my academic life so far. Only a handful few of them worked out well. The rest seems to have accumulated a layer of estrangement, to say the least, towards the end of the companionship. The key reason is perhaps as follows: I am habitually inclined to engage in "study at home", and the grand old subject is mathematics, which requires a lot of scrutiny of details. My dullness tends to stem from the lack of flexibility in my reading habit. I often engage in exhaustive proof-reading, in a modest attempt at ultra-responsibility towards knowledge. Doing so eventually consumes me of any leisure of creativity as well as humanness. Roommates then become the most obvious target to release the vexation and stress associated with unrewarding reading experience. Since people condition themselves to think of others in a certain way, I found it irresistable to equate the closest human being with the cause of all my failure in work. So maybe libraries are much healthier to study at, and perhaps their functions are not restricted to storing books and providing media support, but also as a virtual dump for intellectual anguish.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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