When I should stay low profile and quiet

  It happens all the time. When my spirit is high, the surrounding is hostile to my need. Well, so be it. I will keep it all to myself and not temper with the order of society. Only with sacrifice comes triumph. Human life is divided into periods, with each period devoted to certain types of activity. The most dangerous thoughts are reminiscence, and regretting the loss of powers that once were there. Forget about puberty growth when you’ve outgrown the youtful years; instead, focus on the work at hand and apply the principle of devotion and daoism to enjoy the moment of zen. When it’s not your time, do not make a careless move. When it’s your time, give it your best action. When it’s over, let it be and learn only from its abstract form. Stay to yourself, Johnny boy. Keep your heart warm by cranking up the heat, and make yourself comfortable without another human being.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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