An entry to obliterate the previous one

As mentioned in the title, this diary entry is purely distractive. I have come to the conclusion on the way home that the true salvation of man is hard work and bitter sweat. The first man Adam had to deal with this bittersweet fate, and no man afterwards manages to be exceptional. Consider the heirs of the rich folks. Even they have to try their courage in order to feel fulfilled. Nothing that’s easily earned is ultimately satisfying. A candle that does not burn is merely a piece of stick. The extraction of the essence of life is what makes an ordinary life glorious, and unique in whatever setting it takes. In this respect, a researcher does not lead a more melodramatic life than a lay person. On the other hand, the converse is also true, that a layperson might seem to have a liquid exchange between willingness to work hard and rewards, he had to deal with the containment of impatience with ordinary quotidian life. While a researcher has the prospect of great results coming in his way, he also had to suffer through extended period of dormancy, aggravated by extreme loneliness and the prospect of ostricizing himself from the rest of society. So in sum, the two sides of the balance of input-output ratio is well maintained, so that there is an optimal ratio between academic people and nonacademic ones.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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