On food addiction

   Why do Asian people eat so much more than others? It’s almost like we have a lower systemic efficiency. Granted, we also extract more pleasure from meals. Lately I have been frequenting the infamous Stern dining hall. The food there is not of the top notch, yet I feel I am getting thoroughly nourished by its vegetarian friendly menus. But after experimenting with cooking, I realized how carnivorous I am. It’s not simply a psychological thing. Meat is what inflates me, the viagra of my pure existence.
   Anyhow I want to know whether the theory that constinence in food consumption slows down aging. The constant stretching and deflation of surface skins, especially around the intestinal area, could cast some easy wrinkles, or stretch mark, much like childbirth. But even the whole flesh gets inflated to some extent, possibly due to increasing blood flow. Is that a bad thing? Only God knows.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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