How to become a mentally strong person. Copied from yahoo answer

Get to know yourself honestly, admitting BOTH your strengths and
weaknesses and ACCEPT YOURSELF as you are. If something bothers you,
you can work on changing it, but first you have to accept yourself as
human and that it’s ok to make mistakes. Remember, God loves you as you
are and thinks you are perfect in your imperfections.

Only change things about yourself for YOU, not to satisfy the demands of any other person.

Accept others as they are and realize you do not need to change them
and they do not need to live their lives as YOU would have them live
their lives. If they have failings, it’s their right to hang onto
those, even if they are not good for that person. If you don’t expect
perfection of others, they can’t disappoint you.

Build on your strengths to become stronger.
Learn to find joy in little things.
Thank God for small blessings and good events in your life.

Accept that you are nice looking. Your acceptance of you brings out your inner beauty.

Tell yourself you are learning new things every day and as a result you
are becoming stronger mentally and emotionally every day. Keep telling
yourself this each day… Write a lits of your good attributes one one
side and the attributes that are getting better on the other side. Read
it to yourself. This exercise will help a lot.


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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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