checklist, echoing Tao’s proposition

   Tao in his blog mentions the supreme pleasure when one checks off an item in a todo list. This I have not experimented with personally, but will follow the suite presently. Below is a list of papers and books to be read this summer:
1. The mathematical theory of dilute Gases by Calo Cercignani, Reinhard Illner, and Mario Pulvirenti, chapter 1-5

2. Elliptic Partial Differential Equations by Qing Han, and Fanghua Lin, whole thing

3. Local statistics and Universality conjecture in Wigner ensemble by Tao and Vu

4. failure of Brunn Minkowski inequality for the Heisenberg group

5. Tao and Vu’s Additive Combinatorics, chapter on Littlewood Offord problem

6. Equilibrium Time Correlation Functions in the Low Density Limit

Note: this is by no means an exhaustive list of papers I have printed, but will serve as a good benchmark and confidence booster for now. Later I might be able to add more to the list. It will also behoove me to break the above tasks into smaller steps by recording partial accomplishment at the end of each day. This is a desparate measure to enforce a certain amount of daily productivity.



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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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