Airbus trauma and le espirit Francais

The French people are a wholesomely strange animal. I am not saying they are barbaric or anything, but the work ethic and the attitude towards life have puzzled the more goal-driven league of humanity for centuries. The French are known for its exquisite development of many branches of mathematics. The famous Grothendieck theory of algebraic geometry, through the notion of scheme and topos, have greatly clarified previous study on the subject so that it has become firmly established as the core lingo of the field. Many a great mathematician, many of whom fields medal winners, declare him as their personal hero. And such a radiant figure was brought up in the rich soil of La France, and perhaps well nourished by the indigenous red wine and its amazing weather. Personally I am not a fan of the Gross-‘n’-Dick school, but I respect the respectfulness of other respectable mathematicians. But even in practical branches like probability theory, in particular the theory of stochastic processes, the French mathematicians are said to have exhausted the technical aspect of the subject so that "it died", in Phillip Protter’s seminal words. French is the nation that boasts pioneers like Galois, whose work on group theory and Galois theory (posthumously named) was completely revolutionary at the time. The tragic and transient life of Galois is somewhat comparable to that of Frederyk Chopin, whose foundation of creativism is let loose mainly through the coaxing of the French saloon community. Musicians have found a fertile soil to grow their misdirected romanticism towards the instruments of their choosing.
  But this Airbus thing is just a shame! I have always had my fair share of suspicion of the brand. It’s not such an intelligent name for Christ’s sake. It sounds more like some crazy scientists experimentation, a last night’s brain child. A flying bus rings the image of some drunk head trying to impress the next guy at the bar with a new theory he developed while sitting on the toilet puking his guts out. A brand name that has a lot of stakes in security should be made hard to decipher, like Boeing. Nobody can guess that Boeing is an airplane company. It looks like a gerand, but to be grammatically correct it should be Boing. It probably came from some German name, and we all know Germans have good standards. In fact that’s not even true any more about German cars. I think the Germans are getting corrupted by their lazy French thoughtful neighbors. French are technologically backward people. Their public computer booths are said to be dated by ten years. Germans on the other hand are getting more and more socialistic. In general Eruopean work ethic renders their productive incompetitive compared to their American counterpart. But security is not a matter of competition, it’s a baseline issue! I hope French plane makers can think seriously about human lives as the most important assets of the world community at large, instead of going off-tangent about fancy fringe components on their thick-ass planes.

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