cooking suggestions from Arena, the best cooking advisor

   Apparently steaming is the keyword, which I fully agree for its healthiness, effectiveness, and taste. I hardly thought rice is steam-friendly, or even steamable, but I am flexible enough to trust an authority. Next comes the famous steamed curry chicken, an idea that I have neglected for so long. As Arena aptly summarized the procedure in one line: churn them up at first and let every meat is wraped with salt and curry. This also demystified my suspicion of steaming land meat, i.e., meat from animals living on land. I am not bad with steaming fish, as I discovered last week, but imagine such a cheap source of protein as chicken? Now since I am also heeding the advice of another food savant for organic meat, my curry chicken will probably last me for quite sometime. The proper scheduling of food variety is such a crucial component of quality living that I must devote my entire leisurely hours to its perfection.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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