Rare cute observation in Times

   Today as usual I took it to the gym. As usual I mounted the ellipsoid, the brilliant cardio instrument designed to burn calorie while minimizing knee impact. As I browsed through Time magazine while peddling in slow motion, I discovered how the native Italians viewed the recent and the string of not so recent scandals surrounding their incumbent prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. The man was not only forgiven of his lustful behavior, people even started sympathizing with him, because the Italian people found themselves in him. Time even remarked that people took Berlusconi as an authentic piece of their national autobiography. Laugh as we may, the Italians are indeed a zesty people, with one of the best soccer teams and some of the most explicit artists. Even musicians like Niccolo Paganini embodies the devilish womanizer through his bewitching virtuosic style on the violin. Italians are also famed for the comparison with Americans in the phobia of self-incriminated homosexuality in a joke that I will not try to reproduce here. So with all due respect, I think the Italians are indeed of a forward thinking mode that other people should emulate them at least in the area of promotion of true genius at the expense of unhurtful mischieves.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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