new recipe discovered episode 1

   After two hours of tutoring, I thought my brain has been depleted. But maybe cooking requires an empty brain, I managed to get the ingredients exactly right today, and completely out of my own creation. So here I present humbly my newly discovered cooking recipe for my own future reference, as well as yours.
  1. cut two chunks of pork into reasonably thin slices (if taken directly from freezer, defrost for 10 minutes in microwave).

  2. start frying the pork slices with olive oil(about 2 teaspoon) in a big frying pan (nonstick). Turn the power to maximum first, but soon after the pork juice is boiling, turn it down to medium so the water doesn’t dry out too fast and leaves you time to prepare the vegetables.

  3. start slicing a large carrot stick into small cross sectional pieces, and immediately pour into the pork after the cutting is finished (carrot requires relatively long cooking time)

  4. chop a whole white onion into rings, and then chop the rings into maybe three equally sized arcs. Dump that all into the frying pan.
  5. Put in some salt and some sugar, coupled with a good amount of chilly pepper sauce, the kind that tastes a bit sweet (but anything peppery should do).

  6. now one could put in pretty much any of his or her favorite vegetables, as long as it doesn’t require too long to soften in cooking (so cabbage is probably not the best idea). I put the larger half of a big green pepper (non-organic), and a small stub of a brocolli plant (both nicely chopped into thin slices). Also don’t be greedy and put in too much vegetables, your pan might not have good heat conduction that way.
  7. Now chop up about 20 shoots of cilentrio (香菜), and dump in. After that chop up one shoot of green onion, and dump it in.

  8. Make sure to turn off the stove before the cilentrio or the green pepper lose their green color. It’s a sign of nutrient loss.

  9. Scoop it out and pig out!

  FOB Chef Jiang 


About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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4 Responses to new recipe discovered episode 1

  1. vincent says:

    全是英文 看的头疼

  2. lovely bear阿瑞娜 says:

    It looks like a real recipe more. Good with cooking.

  3. AquazorCarson says:

    Thanks. The key ingredients seem to be onion and cilentrio and pepper sauce.

  4. lovely bear阿瑞娜 says:

    And pork, which is the spirit of the dish, I think.

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