breaking science news assorted

People familiar with my blogging style soon realize that hardly any of the subject headers gets repeated with sequels. Such is life. You can’t expect to find any linear relationship in a world that’s developing at an exponential or Ackermanic rate. So every blogiscal day one must come up with some new topic. Today I will cut and paste the headlines of what I consider the most sensational and innovative science news in recent memory, with links attached. So here are the annotated bibliography of science at large.

  Magnetic Monopoles Detected In A Real Magnet For The First Time (big time, major league, nobel worthy physics headline)

Europe’s First Farmers Were Immigrants: Replaced Their Stone Age Hunter-gatherer Forerunners
Early 20th Century Evolutionist May Have Discovered Epigenetics (this one is for the definition of epigenetics, a branch long thought to be fraudulent science)

New iPhone App ‘Outbreaks Near Me’ Locates H1N1 (Swine Flu), Infectious Diseases (coming soon: zombies near me)

People Who Don’t Own A Car And Live Near Fast Food At Greater Risk For Obesity (cited for its apparent triviality)

Cradle And Birthday Of The Dog Identified: East Asia 16,000 years ago (sorry but I am a prehistory fan)

Milk Drinking Started Around 7,500 Years Ago In Central Europe

ability to digest the milk sugar lactose first evolved in dairy farming
communities in central Europe, not in more northern groups as was
previously thought, finds a new study." )

No Such Thing As Ethnic Groups, Genetically Speaking, Researchers Say (lies often get through the refereeing process faster than blatant truth)

Healthcare: The Road To Robotic Helpers (things like robots keep our spirits alive)

Lost Sounds Of The Past Brought To Life

("Salpinx, barbiton, aulos, syrinx. Never heard them? Never heard of them? Neither had anyone else, for centuries. Until now.") Amazing variety. Dinicu’s Hora Stocatto is based on a tune dated to the Roman Empire.

Cardiac Arrest Casualties Form Valuable Source Of Donor Kidneys (gory reality)

Surprising Effect Of Economic Recessions On Population Health

mortality rates during economic recessions in developed countries
decline rather than increase, according to a new analysis.") (obviously people like to see others suffer as they do, as long as they don’t get killed in a war or something)

That’s it for today’s science digest. Hope to see you again real soon!


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