A new member of the apple orchard

I managed to let black Friday slip away without notice, but as compensation did get an unexpected treat of electronics, a 2g 8G iTouch. Indeed when Steve was telling me that he used  iPod to do emails I was a bit incredulous. After all I never expected iPod screen to be nearly as versatile and suited for virtuosic tasks as a traditional keyboard. But as I experimented through this new gadget I realized how much one coudl gain by he presence of an automatic spelling correction system. It appears that the most upfront complaint about PDAs as holistic substitutes for pc is that their font size is too demanding for the eyes. But alas that’s when small eyes come in handy. The cause of my tremendous joy over this new faculty of life is that I belong to the group of species best described as dormicile, i.e., I stay in a supine position a lot. An experienced dormicile will tell you that using the common features of a pc while in bed is a crooked task, not at all comparable to reading. Thus the discovery that iPod could fill in this gap of need is surreal. I have to thank my father for prompting me to a personal shopping splurge and xu Lu for keeping me balanced between miserliness and a total spendthrift. Despite the fact that I could get a much better deal over the web, I found the holiday shopping experience to be completely satisfying spiritually. Not to be superstitious, but had I not bought my darling in the store, I might not have enjoy the moment of self revelation without external infotration. In fact this whole lengthy spiel of reflection is completed under the aegis of my newly acquired and admired darling.

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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