Flowing water account

Sometimes it’s better to truthfully record than to add commentaries and reflections to a series of events. Maybe it would help me boost my memory of petty matters. So I will start with the day when I came back from Stockton. I woke up at 2:00 am by cellphone in order to drive Xu Lu and her partner Li xingxing to the airport. I had some extra stuff to pack to the car, including blankets, pillows and towel. The aunt of the hostess at the big house of bluelake circle came downstairs to collect the key. She was funny because she produced her hands, asking for the key explcitly. I had a little trouble separating the room key and house key from my own key chain. I attached them to the chain after an incident when I almost lost the two keys, but turned out they were right on the desk in the bedroom at Norma’s house. There is a paper pin attached to the house key, to distinguish it from the room key. And it was painful to dismantle the pin. So Xu Lu felt a bit impatient. But I could hardly explain the stupid situation. Anyway I felt too tense to greet Norma (the hostess) and her family after we left. I really should have given new years greeting to her.
  We picked up Li Xingxing a few miles from Norma’s house, she appeared sleepy. I asked her to fasten seatbelt after she said that she probably didn’t need to. Throughout the trip she appeared to be asleep. So I carried a civil and joyful conversation with Xu Lu. During my stay at her city I was mostly sick, but by the end of the stay I got much better, and it appeared  that the trip was the culmination of our spiritual journey. I don’t remember much about what we talked about.
  We had a little problem locating SFO on the GPS. I asked Lu to use city name, POI (point of interest), but neither worked. In the end I zoomed out the big map and zoomed in around milbrae to locate SFO "by hand". I learned something. I also noticed that without going through toll bridge I had to drive 20 more miles. The trip to SFO from Stockton is quite comparable to to palo alto. I almost missed the departure drop off place. Fortunately American Airline is located in terminal 3, after terminal 2, so I didn’t have to trace back one round. They got there with plenty of time ahead before taking off.
  So I went home after that, realized my roommate is home, and since I couldn’t stand the mess in the kitchen, cleaned it up besides unloading my luggage. I through away a bunch of trash bags, and removed all the used paper towels from the kitchen table. Then I went to bed. He came in around 5:30 to check on me, saying he just wanted to make sure not it was me not thieves making the noise. Then I offered a ride to the airport for him, but he declined politely. Later I realized he drove to LA.  I woke up around 10, probably by my dad’s cell call. I told him I would go for a jogging, and later after shower drove to his company. But missed an exit so arrived somewhat late, like 12:45. The food at his company was not the best, chicken rice, akin to Indian style. But tasty enough to get me pretty full. But by dinner time, I was hungry again. I stayed in his office for 2 hours, looking at papers on ising models (Ashkin model). Also greeted Mao Haili’s son, who goes to Berkeley as an undergrad. Then we drove chez my dad. It was already pretty late, and soon we drove out again to Wang xuejun’s potluck party. Dad brought an ordered cake bum. It took us about 1 hour to get to his house. We saw some cheap gas along the way. He drove my car. We pumped the tired at San Jose, and got the gas after we came back, also in San Jose.
Wang’s party was wonderful with lots of nice food. I especially liked the pork kidney, and some sweet rice cake the chinese american couple brought. I think the woman made them. I wish I ate more. During the dinner I greeted some girl who goes to Washington state University for actuarial science master. She turned out to be a good crown player. Crown is a game with an extra suit for each card. No Ace or 2s, and the goal is to get small score. With suites and n of a kinds count as 0 combo. And ppl call out. I almost made the last place, and Wang appeared very competitive at card games. And was outspokenly triumphant half way through. I also played piano before playing the Crown game. There were three boys and two girls at the party. Two of them (1b 1g) were Wang’s children.
  The next day (lendemand) I don’t remember what I did in the morning, probably nothing special, just reading books, and talking with mom on msn. Also Dad spent time packing. Later in the evening we went to Wang zhangmin’s party. There were only 6 of us at the table. Two of us, three of them, and Wang yanping’s nephew, Shi kaihang. We had a hearty conversation. In the middle Xu called, so I talked to her for about 10 minutes. Then rejoined the convo and dinner. I enjoyed the hot pot, with seafood like tofus, wonderfully tasteful. Their daughter, Wang ke (I believe), liked dad’s bum. The convo ranged from shanghai dailect (yi te kuo zi, hang bu lang dang), to deodorant.
  Then dad and I went to my Stanford room, where I pulled out my mattress under the bed, and slept on it. I tried to setup cell charger on the backup laptop but we tried hours without succeeding downloading the driver for motorola razr 3x usb component. The next morning I did succeed. He then helped me double up the mattresses, so that it’s warmer to sleep on. I liked the new configuration. The next morning I sent him to SFO. After coming back I got call from shilin, one asking me to go to SF with the GF of his friend zhou tianyang. I said sure but also wished to take Kaihang along. So we went the next day. We ate at 3.50 resto for lunch. Took a while to find the Parking lot in chinatown. Went to Fisherman’s Wharf, pier 39. And drank at Starbucks. Later we came back and Shilin took all of us home. (to be continued)

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  1. Belinda says:

    哈哈 flowing water account,米国人也有这个说法么? Happy New Year!

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