Yesterday and Today

I had Chinese toast bum for breakfast with half a cup of milk (j’ai pris de pain a la chine pour le petit dejeuner avec une demie tasse de lait). The entire morning seemed to be spent on reading some random stuff, like math. Then I went out for a run at 12:30, along the usual route of up Pine hill, alvarado, then back along Campus Drive. It was at first suffocating, but later my blood flew more freely and I felt light-bodied. After shower I cooked some vege and ate left over rice along with previously cooked pork liver with black wood ears and needle mushroom. I ate the same for lunch the next day, but then decided the liver was badly cooked and must be thrown away. The soy sauce pork chunk, on the other hand, was delectable and won approval from fellow classmate calvin. After lunch I stapled and organized all the sheet music I had and went downstairs for practice, bringing along my backpack full of papers. After practicing intensively the mazurka that always begs perfection, as well as some of the usual repertoires, I went into the big study room to read Martinelli’s book on ising models. There I met Feng Shangping. Soon realizing the smell of methanol hadn’t gone completely, I went back upstairs. There and then I felt a bit lost, so I started reading Li Sao (the pain of leaving). For dinner I ate the same thing as lunch. Afterwards I had msn conversations with parents and Xu Lu, succeeding in setupping(sic) Xu’s webcam. Later at night I went to Shilin’s room for an all encompassing conversation, donating some cookies. Before that I wrote the first flowing water account summarizing the trip back from stockton. Went to bed around 1:45.
  This morning (ce matin), j’ai me levé a sept heure et demie, parce que Xu a me telephoné. I initially(premierement) didn’t want to go to Napa again to entertain her friends, but later thought that was the best thing to do, on the 6th. But later calls failed to reach her until she called me when I was driving to ranch 99. The morning was spent in a boring state. Read the beginning of chapter two of Alon and Spencer. Later in the afternoon wrote down some meat recipes from internet on a stapled together paper pile, in anticipation for shopping in the afternoon, but instead I felt deeply asleep for two hours until Kaihang called asking me to go to movies with his aunt and cousin (ses tante et cousine). But I said I was tired. Then I called James to go to dinner at Stern. Later we went to ranch 99 and safeway.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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