lunch and dinner

Woke up around 9 by my roommate’s alarm clock. I was surprised it didn’t wake him up. Must be very tired. After breakfast I went downstairs for a little piano, along with my backpack full of papers. My hands were quite muscular this morning for some reason, maybe because of the highly nutritious food I had at Stern yesterday. Etude no.1 flew very naturally, and the main themes of polonaise hero was a bit trivialized. Later I went into the big study room trying to read papers, but was again repulsed by the smell of methanol, which might just be sharpe smells. Before I left I discovered an inner room where they placed a new pool table with all the balls and stick powder, but with no pool stick. There is a little window up on the entrance side of the wall. Then I came down to the computer lounge trying to send victor some 238 homework. After failing to find them in my email account, I came out of the building and called Siyuan, who told me the direction to her house. Her mom cooked some wonderful dishes for us, including another girl named Angela, whose husband is a EE PhD here. She goes to art community school. We had a delightful conversation for about 2 hours before I took leave. Then I met Kazuo at the computer lounge downstairs of blackwelder. There Shilin also came to tell me he couldn’t make to the dinner with Kaihang and his aunt’s family. I told Kazuo about my latest research effort on ising and past effort on Kac, but not in all detail. He in exchanged described some effort to show blow up of certain PDEs by T. Tao, as well as three authors, in particular for QG, and Navier stoke with high exponent on the laplacian operator. Tao’s contribution was to show blowup when the best lowest exponent is further divided by a log factor.
  Then I went upstairs to take a little study nap, as I always do. After somewhat digesting the Strong mixing result in Martinelli’s paper, I decided to go for a run because in the coming days I won’t have much time. I went around stanford avenue this time and running took 15 minutes total. Coming back through rains housing, I got a call after shower by Yanping and drove to their home. Zhangmin then took the five of us, Kaihang and their daughter, to Crazy buffet, where we had wonderful conversations to and fro, as well as during the dinner. Frog meat tasted like chicken meat, but the rest was quite nice. I loved the shark fin soup (though I suspect they put msg in), and especially the sesame ball.
  Driving back, we saw a car got pulled over for stop sign violation. So I made sure to stop for 3 seconds when I drove back. Then Xu Lu called telling me she got sick from cold weather and water pouring down on her body. I told her to rest and take hot shower, while she said she would stay home tomorrow without following the others.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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