shivering monday

Woke up 8:18 auspiciously by my roomie’s loud music. Checked mail to see that no seminar of significance is scheduled for today, so started doing research on Glauber Ising model on the cycle, and found out that Avatar is free on pps so watched up to minute 40 then got interrupted by cooking. Cooked pork with taro, with moderate success, almost burned the taro, which at first was so hard to chop but became patoto liked once boiled. Pork was wonderfully fried initially by throwing away the bloody juice and add additional oil to fry it. Finally threw away the disgusting pork liver due to bloody taste, which infiltrates even the wood ear. Eww. Then for dinner decided to cook additional chicken legs (6 in number) by soy sauce, and sugar, green oinion added. The dinner was a wonderful two meat and one pure vege with brown rice. Later at night I talked to parents over msn and XL over phone. Was told that one of her classmates got seriously ill due to fear and ppl around her. So they sent her to the hospital, and waited for emergency treatment quite long. I booked the hotel for the next night in Lombard street, and looked up info about napa wineries, and found that Yunting’s email has the most useful link, which I favorited. And then it’s now. 88

About aquazorcarson

math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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