SF and Napa trip (2nd time)

Towards midnight of Jan. 5th, I drove to SFO to pick up XL and her friends LXX, LQ, CWR and STQ. Got distracted by cellphone lot and went off to San Bruno before returning on 101. We had to ask CWR and STQ to take the bart because my car could only fit 3 ppl. But it turned out bart had stopped running after 11 that night. So I drove back to millbrae station to pick them up again to the Green Tortoise hostel. Then XL, LXX, and I went to marina hotel on ocatavia road. We went to bed around 2:30. At around 6 in the morning I drove LXX to the Amtrak station. Then We checked out at 10 after having continental breakfast (coffee, milk, muffin, and egg). The car was parked near the hostel with 2 hour free parking after 8, so it was totally legal. After picking up CWR, STQ, and LQ, we went first to the end of Kearny street near Bush to look for LQ’s lost white mitten, of course in vain. Then we just parked in the Chinatown parking lot and went to a fancy cantonese restaurant, and had most notably gigantic crab. That was tasty. In the afternoon we drove to Napa’s Mumm winery. We arrived around 1:30, and tasted 13 different wines, mostly white, to my chagrin. I can still name a few: Brut Rose, Blanc de Blancs, Chadonne, Pinot Noir, Pinot gris, Demie-sec, VMX, curvee M. TQ bought a chocolate bar also. Then we drove to hw 29 to see some yellow flowers, but instead visited Harry Potter Magic school (aka culinary institute of America), it was great architecture. Finally we came back to SF, but after missing one exit, we stopped at the palace of fine art for an hour, where there is a giant dome that echos voice. the two lively boys made funny faces in front of the projector light, and we sang half human beasts together. Later at night as planned we went to a hot pot place where we spent about 100 bucks. It was quite filling and we discussed how tofus shouldn’t be mixed with spinach to create oxalic acid sediment. But I ate it anyways. After driving the three of our guests back to their hostel, I drove XL back to her house in Stockton. She slept half of the trip after getting exhausted by 10 days of intensive disney stuff in Florida. After pumping up at Shell, we headed to Pastor Xu’s house where I got my laptop and chatted a bit with Pastor about their new wood floor and how his brother-in-law almost got his finger cut off. Luckily only the nailed got chipped off. So I drove back to blackwelder and arrived around 12:10. After calling XL, waking her up from deep sleep presumably, I went to bed also.
  The next morning I got locked out of my room after throwing away trash (my roommate almost never throws). I had to go to EV student office and request a backup key. The receptionist was a Chinese, who read my name almost pitch perfectly. Initially he was hoping I would produce some id, but realizing I was wearing pajama, he gave me the key anyways.
  After breakfast I drove to SFO to pick up my dad. On the way right before getting on to CA84, I tried to pump some gas at a Chevron station but couldn’t figure out how. So I drove on and arrived 5 minutes after he came out to the arrival platform, without using a GPS. Then we drove to his company to have lunch (some indian bean and chicken with rice). Afterwards we exchanged some trunk stuff, including candies, cookies, gifts and linens. Then we drove to a local bookstore, bought a book, and took a walk. Finally I drove home and before getting on 237 I stopped at a Chevron again and encountered the same problem at the pump. But this time I saw the instruction that says I need to flip up the pump holder, which enabled me to pump. After getting back, I quickly returned the key, called dad and XL and mom on msn, and then headed to Ben Arouse’s Bergman lecture on random Morse function, this time on the manifold and connection with GOE. Chatting with Aaron, Daniel, and Ilya a bit, I headed home. Simultaneously chatting with mom and XL, I was told there is a Thai buffet downstairs for free, so I went down with a big bowl and a pair of chopsticks, but when I almost finished getting the food, the alarm went off and we had to evacuate. I met LYC, FKJ, WHJ, and P??. Coming back upstairs I started chatting with XL.

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math PhD at Stanford, studying probability
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