Bergman lecture 2 and banquet

I ran a small circle at 9 this morning without breakfast. I almost felt nauseated through over-running. Then I ate oatmeal with raw milk probably a bad idea since my stomach seemed full all day. The rest of the morning was spent reading Sourav’s paper on LDP of triangles in Erdos Renyi graph, with Partha Dey. Lunch was very light: a kiwi triplet, some left over meat, and rice. Then I felt a bit asthmatic, but decided to go to the department to meet with the probability group. Two of my advisor’s students are getting engaged or married in the forseeable future. We briefly discussed the new schedule for the reading course: 1:15 on Fridays and 9:30 on Wednesday. We talked about the upcoming AMS-MAA joint meeting and the first three days of next week seemed relevant, which I was planning on going. Train schedule is to be looked up. James and I then stayed in the grad lounge for two more hours discussing some fringe problems on the Glauber Ising model on the cycle, and made some reasonable progress on the monotonicity with respect to Hamming distance, for large enough beta, and fixed n. We introduced the notion of fitting last time, and he also corrected my formula for U_k cap S_j, the size of the kth hamming level with 2j adjacent sign switches.
  Then comes the Bergman lecture, in which B. Arous gave a mini-lecture on SK model, as well as p spin generalization, and their spherical analogue, which links to the random Morse function theory on the sphere naturally. As George pointed out, this connection gives a nice representation of the random Morse functions on the sphere in terms of the energy of the p-spin spherical model. The link with RMT was through the Hessian of the random Morse function, which can be shown to be a linear combination of the GOE and the identity matrix. The detailed eluded me.

  Then I chatted with Bob a bit, and on the way out of the department I met George who told me the direction to Ming’s restaurant where the Banquet takes place. I rode my bike back, called XL to let her know I will be away for the night, and drove on Embarcadero through 101 and Ming was the first right turn after that. When I just got in the room, there were already 10 ppl around the table and I managed to squeeze in because Rick and Phillip were kind. Jokes were soon thrown around the table, ranging from a guy named Gagi, who had anti-chinese feeling because his grandpa was the head of the invasion troop to Manchuria. Also both George and Prof. L and Rick seem to have common experiencing describing the idiosyncracies of Japanese mathematicians. And of course the infamous K.L. Ch who harangued over his miserable childhood under japanese imperialism at a conference talk where the first row was taken up by famous Japanese mathematicians. George and Prof. L also brought up the subject of sexual harassment, and George made the priceless remark that mathematicians find mathematics the most beautiful hence would pay no attention to pretty girls sitting in their class. L and Rick also compared their home values, and AD talked about the real estate taxation system in the country, as well compared with the french first year who was almost as quiet as myself. The technical discussion with Philip was exciting partly because he was with PD these days, as well as TT one of my idols. Some famous quotes from the talk: once you crossed the Atlantic you are always on the wrong side of it. The french likes to say the other side of the atlantic to mean the US, whereas the Japanese talk about new development in the north east to mean in the Seattle Vancouver region. When George said that he needs to see china before it becomes as developed as Japan back in the 80s, Gagi at the scene retorted, China will never be developed. And finally Prof. L. added that his face cannot look like a Japanese because that would just be too ugly. (disclaimer: the above anti-Japan statement do not reflect my personal opinion, it only reflects the opinion of John Carson which I impersonate in this blog) Somehow I managed to not control my angry laughter to avoid the embarrassment of the last major banquet dinner with Yuval. Prof. L. also mentioned some movie aobut Yangtze no.7 which I should have watched.
  Afterwards I gave ride to Candace and the newly met french first year, on the way I missed a stop sign, but soon recovered from the embarrassment as well as trauma, resting assured that no camera nor police cars are hiding nearby.
  After getting home I webcamed with mom and XL, and talked with Dad, anticipating his visit tomorrow morning. Learned how to turn off the maintenance light on my car.



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